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On the heels of developing a strategic plan, the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) launched the Discovery for Life campaign in 2019. The campaign's focus was on three general priorities: endowed scholarships, student experience (infrastructure, academic initiatives, and entrepreneurial projects), and bridges to industry (developing new course and program offerings). Wessel Creative was tasked with developing a campaign identity and case materials.

Project Scope

Campaign identity system
Print collateral
Event collateral
Digital collateral
Campaign microsite design

Building a campaign identity

While ACPHS's primary colors are a more traditional burgundy and grey, its secondary accent color palette offers many vibrant and bold choices that offered many opportunities to make bold and attention-getting visuals throughout the campaign.

In addition to this vibrant color palette, a number of graphic/textural elements are already used across campus. As with most campaigns, the goal here was not to replace what has already been established, but to complement and further elevate these elements with some new identifying marks.


After considering a number of creative options, the ACPHS staff fell in love with the design inspired by genetic markers that focused on the idea of building blocks: building blocks of life, building blocks of the campaign, and building blocks of the college.

Not only do the building blocks of this identity system reflect the scientific genetic markers, but they also allude to the decorative elements of the campus library, something fairly recognizable to alumni and donors.

ACPHS libraryACPHS library
ACPHS campaign logo icon only

The campaign logo's three bars of building blocks reflect the three priorities of the campaign. It captures three distinct color gradients, each of which was assigned to a specific campaign priority for clear messaging opportunities.

Priority 1
Endowed Scholarships

Priority 2
Student Experience

Priority 3
Bridges to industry

Campaign Website

With such a vibrant color palette, this website also needed to be bright and something to grab your attention. This website's home page makes a strong first impression and makes you want to scroll down to see more.

As you scroll, we further incorporate the campaign DNA building blocks to visually depict the campaign progress. Because each strand of logo represents a campaign priority, and because there were specific fundraising goals for each priority, we broke the campaign fundraising totals down to three individual progress bars rather than one combined total. This provides a more engaging and interesting look that is simple and quick to understand.

ACPHS student collage

Mary Solomons

Former Executive Director of Development

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Tyler created an entire visual identity for Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science’s fundraising campaign. His designs elevated our print and online communications to a whole new level! Tyler creates designs that are visually appealing, easy to read, and effectively conveys the message. I highly recommend Tyler for all your design needs.