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In 2019, Berkeley Preparatory School contracted Wessel Creative to rebrand its alumni reunion program. Up through summer 2019, the Tampa school had hosted its annual reunion in the summer. Because school was out, it didn't quite have the energy on campus. With the decision to move reunions to Homecoming weekend, it was a good time to rebrand.

In addition to a new event logo, Berkeley requested an identity  that blended Berkeley past and present. The school provided photos from decades past. The goal here was to match up similar current photos, as if time itself was being crossed. After diving into their current photo library, there were several excellent matches. Below are a few samples of this look.

The rebranded reunion identity was due to be unveiled in fall 2020. A couple save-the-dates went out, then COVID-19 happened, so like many other schools, this has been pushed off until 2021. We look forward to further developing marketing and event materials for the launch.

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Berkeley reunion logo

One of the challenges to creating a reunion identity is that it needs to be something that, ideally, can connect multiple generations. Too modern, you miss the older classes; too traditional, you miss young alumni. The solution here was to focus on the Buccaneer theme (the athletic mascot) and to keep it simple. Using a pirate-themed typeface, we then incorporated a single Buccaneer cutlass (taken from the cross-sword of the athletic mark below) and distressed it to give it the feeling of age.

Berkeley Bucs athletic logo

Holly Breen

Director of Alumni Relations

Berkeley Preparatory School

As we began to envision all that our alumni reunion could be, we knew we had to build a brand that would convey the message of uniting the alumni community from the first graduating class to the most recent. Not only was Tyler able to do that, he exceeded all expectations! Without having ever been to campus or personally knowing any members of our alumni family, he captured the essence of our alumni and our vision for the event perfectly. Having achieved this end result in the first attempt is just icing on the cake. Members of our school leadership have been beyond impressed.

Tyler took the time to really listen to what we wanted and because of it, we have a remarkable brand that will stand the test of time and evolve with the life of our institution.