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Berkeley REunion Rebrand

The Challenge

When Berkeley Preparatory School  decided to move their annual Alumni Reunion from the summer to Homecoming Weekend in the fall, they tasked Wessel Creative with branding the program.

In addition to an event logo, Berkeley requested an identity that blended Berkeley past and present.

Project Results

The new and improved Alumni Reunion is still fairly new and, unfortunately, announced just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, so events have been limited to date. Alumni and leadership, however, have received the updated brand favorably according to the school.

project Scope

  • Tone and art direction
  • Identity system
  • Print and digital collateral
  • Event collateral

Event Logo

One of the challenges to creating a reunion identity is that it needs to be something that, ideally, can connect multiple generations. Too modern, you miss the older classes; too traditional, you miss young alumni.

The solution here was to focus on the Buccaneer theme (the athletic mascot) and to keep it simple. Using a pirate-themed typeface, we then incorporated a single Buccaneer cutlass (taken from the cross-sword of the athletic mark) and distressed it to give it the feeling of age.

Where Past Meets Present

Berkeley's Director of Alumni Affairs had a very clear image of what she wanted the new reunion materials to look like. She wanted to match up photos from present day with similar photos from Berkeley generations past.

Fortunately, there is a decent library of throwback photography to choose from and we took this idea and elevated it a step further, literally blending the images as if time itself was being crossed. In addition to unique and fascinating imagery, this look also reinforces the idea that, as much as time and culture changes, there are certain elements of school that are lasting no matter the decade.

Below are a few samples of some of these blended images with animations showing the before and after.

Holly Breen

Director of Alumni Relations

Berkeley Preparatory School

As we began to envision all that our alumni reunion could be, we knew we had to build a brand that would convey the message of uniting the alumni community from the first graduating class to the most recent. Not only was Tyler able to do that, he exceeded all expectations! Without having ever been to campus or personally knowing any members of our alumni family, he captured the essence of our alumni and our vision for the event perfectly. Having achieved this end result in the first attempt is just icing on the cake. Members of our school leadership have been beyond impressed.

Tyler took the time to really listen to what we wanted and because of it, we have a remarkable brand that will stand the test of time and evolve with the life of our institution.