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Annual Reports

Showcase your organization every year

Annual reports are, by definition, something you send once a year. So why is it that many organizations use this one opportunity to send something bland rather than to inspire their stakeholders? Many reports that are in circulation are text heavy, bland, and do not motivate their readers to dive deep into the document.

There is no reason that your report can’t be vibrant, colorful, and inspiring. Every report that comes through Wessel Creative will highlight your organization and message through stunning images and vibrant color that draw in the reader and make them want more.

Vibrant, Engaging Imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So why do so many organizations choose to write two thousand words rather than show what they do and who they help? It’s a colorful world! Why not embrace it rather than hiding behind a bland, “corporate” document filled with pages of heavy text? Nothing makes a report stand out and draws in the reader more than vibrant, colorful imagery that tells your organization’s story.

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Sadia Zapp

Director of Communications

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Tyler completely redesigned our Annual Report. Working within the parameters of our brand aesthetic, his creativity shined through. We now have a piece that has received incredible feedback, internally and externally. We look forward to working with him on projects to come.