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Brand Development

Build More than a Logo

A strong brand is the lifeblood of any organization. But a brand is so much more than a logo. From proper positioning to an organization's voice, tone, and messaging, it is what defines you as an organization. It is what connects to your donors, alumni, and customers and the impression you leave.

Wessel Creative takes an intentional and strategic approach to crafting a brand image and voice. We look at who you are as an organization, what your ideal donor/alumnus/customer looks like, and builds from there. Whether you are starting new or just need a refresh, there are many ways you can craft a memorable brand.

Campaign Identity

Campaigns are all about emotion, loyalty, and a desire to make a difference. A good campaign brand will tap into that to convey your organization's story and build momentum for the future of your organization. Inspire your donors to act!

Event Branding

People remember a unique brand. Develop a vibrant, memorable event identity for your next event that will help instill your organization in your guests’ minds for good. This includes so much more than a logo, though. Consider the five senses and how each element can reflect your brand and the tone and message you are trying to relay.

Nonprofit Branding

Whether you are starting a nonprofit, needing a brand refresh, or something for a specific organizational program, a strong brand is critical to connecting with your audience.

Website Design & Development

Part of a strong brand is appropriate communication, and no communication method is more important than your organization's website. Build a website that is inspiring, easy to navigate, and encourages your visitors to act.

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Themed fundraiser branding
Themed fundraiser branding
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Chris Osborn

Founder & Prinicpal

Osborn Conflict Resolution

The genius behind [my company’s] overhaul is Tyler Wessel. You have crushed it on this. A million thanks for your patience, vision, and just genius sense of visual & graphic design. Thanks for enduring 1 million emails, wording nitpicks, and probably way more stylistic changes than you ever bargained for. But most of all, the sense of perspective & steadiness you brought in keeping our eyes where they ought to be: on the clients we serve.

I have a feeling that one day we are going to look at the rare air design space you will be in and we will be kind of amazed that we ever had the privilege of working with you as you launched your own venture.

Holly Breen

Director of Alumni Relations

Berkeley Preparatory School

As we began to envision all that our alumni reunion could be, we knew we had to build a brand that would convey the message of uniting the alumni community from the first graduating class to the most recent. Not only was Tyler able to do that, he exceeded all expectations! Without having ever been to campus or personally knowing any members of our alumni family, he captured the essence of our alumni and our vision for the event perfectly. Having achieved this end result in the first attempt is just icing on the cake. Members of our school leadership have been beyond impressed.

Tyler took the time to really listen to what we wanted and because of it, we have a remarkable brand that will stand the test of time and evolve with the life of our institution.

Jason Dellarusso

Account Manager

Freedom Healthcare Staffing

I have worked with Tyler since 2013. He does incredible work with creating brand design, spending numerous hours honing and adding to his skillset to leverage his creativity. He helps produce clear brand messaging and is never satisfied til he provides his very best for every client. I highly recommend!