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Inspire your Fundraising

For your organization to make any kind of difference, you have to raise money. And let's face it, there also a lot of organizations—nonprofit and for-profit alike—competing for the same dollars. You need to stand out. One way is to create stunning visuals that instantly capture past, current, and potential new donors alike.


Mail marketing is tough. There is so much noise to cut through and a lot of junk. That is why it is why Wessel Creative tosses the envelope whenever possible. The best way to stand out...is to stand out. Lean into vibrant, bold direct mailers that are both visually attractive and emotionally appealing. If you can successfully draw readers in and then tug on their heart strings, you are much more likely to be successful in your fundraising.

Donor Stationery

Gift receipts and acknowledgments are an important part of the giving process. They may feel more transactional, but that doesn’t meant they have to be dull and boring. Liven up your donor stationery so that donors will enjoy looking at them. Build brand recognition and stay top-of-mind so that when that donor is ready to give again, they think of you!

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Amanda Johnson

Associate Director, Donor Relations & Planned Giving

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Tyler is fantastic! He created a new set of materials for us and was able to make them stand out, but also fit nicely with our existing materials. He's extremely thorough and responsive and overall wonderful to work with!