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Donor Reactions

Giving More

Prominent Donor 2

Berkeley Preparatory School

“You are to be congratulated for the “[Donor] Family Impact Report”—we were absolutely blown away by it....I had never seen this before from my two alma maters. To be honest, this makes us feel like we want to do more for Berkeley!

Focus on Donors

Tlisa Northcutt

University of Alaska Foundation

“[One of our Regents] hand-carried both her endowment report and annual report to the Regent's meeting yesterday and took the time to say how much she loved both of them!! She held them up and said again and again how much she appreciated them and our focus on donor relations. THANK YOU for your help in making these projects happen.”

Sharing Gratitude

Briana Schroeder

University of Texas at Austin

“[VIP donor] was very, very touched by his [impact] report. He has requested 35 to 50 copies so we can send one to their children and grandchildren as well as very close friends and associates.”

Life's Greatest Hits

Prominent Donor 1

Berkeley Preparatory School

“Just saw [our] impact report. It is without question the single-most exceptional piece of fundraising material I’ve ever seen—so beautifully done! I had tears in my eyes reading it. As a donor, just to give you a sense of how special this is to me: I keep a Life’s Greatest Hits file in my office with about a half-dozen things in it and this will go in that file. I will treasure it—really.”