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Build momentum by inspiring donors

Successful campaigns build organizational momentum by inspiring past and new donors alike. A campaign is an opportunity to reach new audiences by telling your story and evoking emotion and a desire to act. Too often, though, campaigns use a cookie-cutter approach, but Wessel Creative consistently differentiates organizations with bold and engaging visuals that draw the reader in to learn more. If you campaign is about taking bold steps, you need a campaign identity and communications that reflect that attitude.

Campaign Identity

Campaigns are all about emotion, loyalty, and a desire to make a difference. A good campaign brand will tap into that to convey your organization's story and build momentum for the future of your organization. Inspire your donors to act!

Campaign Communications

From long before a campaign's public launch up until your surpass that goal, you need to consistently communicate with and inspire your donors. Part of that process is providing engaging content that both stands out and connects with your donors. Whether it is a campaign microsite, case for support, or social media content, make sure your campaign stands out above the crowd.

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Texas Tech campaign stationery
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Mary Solomons

Former Executive Director of Development

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Tyler created an entire visual identity for Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science’s fundraising campaign. His designs elevated our print and online communications to a whole new level! Tyler creates designs that are visually appealing, easy to read, and effectively conveys the message. I highly recommend Tyler for all your design needs.