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Read what both clients and donors alike have had to say.
Client headshot
Tlisa Northcutt
University of Alaska Foundation

If you have the opportunity to work with Wessel Creative, do not hesitate. Tyler is innovative and balances the technical aspects, storytelling, and creative design like no other. To top it off, he is an absolute joy to work with. He truly became part of our team, even without ever setting foot on any of our university campuses.

Tyler was able to create a comprehensive campaign identity that resonated with each of us. Our Foundation President remarked that the creativity and level to detail is on par with the bigger creative agencies. He listened to what we wanted to achieve and ran with it. His video storytelling literally had us in tears. He is a creative thinker and skilled at bringing multiple visions together for an amazing product. He has helped take us to the next level.

Client headshot
Lynne Wester
Donor Relations Group

I have worked with Tyler for several years. He is an amazing creative force and helps transform the look and feel of the organizations he helps. His vision for the experience of consuming communications is thoughtful and intentional.

I have referred many of my clients to him—they love him—and I have worked with him on many of my campaigns. He understands the world of donor relations and alumni affairs and knows how to really impress your donors and alumni. I cannot recommend Tyler enough. He really is a specialist in our field and understands our work and has a strong passion for making communications soar.

Client headshot
Long-Time Donor
Berkeley Preparatory School

“Just saw [our] impact report. It is without question the single-most exceptional piece of fundraising material I’ve ever seen—so beautifully done! I had tears in my eyes reading it. As a donor, just to give you a sense of how special this is to me: I keep a Life’s Greatest Hits file in my office with about a half-dozen things in it and this will go in that file. I will treasure it—really.”

Client headshot
Raine Munkens
The University of Texas at Austin

Tyler enthusiastically stepped into a role where our new team needed fresh creativity, even when we weren’t sure where to start. My work with Tyler during UT Thanks Day led to three CASE awards.

It was a true privilege to collaborate with Tyler. He’s incredibly professional, thoughtful, and very easy to work with. Without his design and communications talent, attention to detail, quick turnaround, and ability to work well remotely, this campus-wide campaign would not have been so successful. Grateful for Tyler and all he does for us—I could not recommend him more!

Client headshot
Holly Breen
Berkeley Preparatory School

As we began to envision all that our alumni reunion could be, we knew we had to build a brand that would convey the message of uniting the alumni community from the first graduating class to the most recent. Not only was Tyler able to do that, he exceeded all expectations! Without having ever been to campus or personally knowing any members of our alumni family, he captured the essence of our alumni and our vision for the event perfectly. Having achieved this end result in the first attempt is just icing on the cake. Members of our school leadership have been beyond impressed.

Tyler took the time to really listen to what we wanted and because of it, we have a remarkable brand that will stand the test of time and evolve with the life of our institution.

Client headshot
Mary Solomons
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Tyler created an entire visual identity for Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science’s fundraising campaign. His designs elevated our print and online communications to a whole new level!

Tyler creates designs that are visually appealing, easy to read, and effectively conveys the message. I highly recommend Tyler for all your design needs.

Client headshot
Major Gift Donor
University of Texas at Austin

“[VIP donor] was very, very touched by his [impact] report. He has requested 35 to 50 copies so we can send one to their children and grandchildren as well as very close friends and associates.”

Client headshot
Chris Osborn
Osborn Conflict Resolution

The genius behind my company’s overhaul is Tyler Wessel. You have crushed it on this. A million thanks for your patience, vision, and just genius sense of visual & graphic design. Thanks for enduring 1 million emails, wording nitpicks, and probably way more stylistic changes than you ever bargained for. But most of all, the sense of perspective & steadiness you brought in keeping our eyes where they ought to be: on the clients we serve.

I have a feeling that one day we are going to look at the rare air design space you will be in and we will be kind of amazed that we ever had the privilege of working with you as you launched your own venture.

Client headshot
Amanda Johnson
Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Tyler is fantastic! He created a new set of materials for us and was able to make them stand out, but also fit nicely with our existing materials. He's extremely thorough and responsive and overall wonderful to work with!

Client headshot
Family Donor
Berkeley Preparatory School

“You are to be congratulated for the “[Donor] Family Impact Report”—we were absolutely blown away by it....I had never seen this before from my two alma maters. To be honest, this makes us feel like we want to do more for Berkeley!

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