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Vibrant impact
communications that acknowledge donors

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Is your focus in the right place?

Most organizations put out an annual report, magazine, or other impact communications pieces of some kind. Many hit the mark.

But others have misdirected focus: text heavy, generic, or focused on their own credentials and rankings rather than impact storytelling. This does not inspire readers to act.

We approach things differently...

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Practical, impactful stories

Your goal should always be to inspire. Tell your own unique stories. Lean into the emotions of your stories and the power of your impact. Show the real, practical difference you make:

  • Impact of the donor on the organization
  • Impact of the organization on the student or patient
  • Impact of the student or alumnus on the community
  • Impact of an organization or alumni on a specific industry
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Opportunities to inspire

Your organization has several ways—possibly some you haven't considered—to show your constituents how they are making a positive impact through your school/organization:

  • Microsites ➜
  • Impact/annual reports
  • Donor-specific impact reports
  • Alumni magazines
  • Video storytelling
  • Admissions view books
  • Appeals or case for support

"The single most exceptional piece of fundraising material I've ever seen!"

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Due to the confidential nature of some of the following materials, some personal and identifying information has been removed.

Sample spread of an impact reportSample spread of an annual reportSample spread of an impact reportSample spread of an impact reportSample spread of an impact reportScholarship appeal
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Lynne Wester
Donor Relations Group

I have worked with Tyler for several years. He is an amazing creative force and helps transform the look and feel of the organizations he helps. His vision for the experience of consuming communications is thoughtful and intentional.

I have referred many of my clients to him—they love him—and I have worked with him on many of my campaigns. He understands the world of donor relations and alumni affairs and knows how to really impress your donors and alumni. I cannot recommend Tyler enough. He really is a specialist in our field and understands our work and has a strong passion for making communications soar.


UT Thanks Day

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Berkeley Alumni Refresh

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Ready to elevate your impact storytelling?

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