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Donor Relations

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Donors are the foundation of any nonprofit. Without them, there is no future for the organization. But oftentimes, donors feel unappreciated, like they’re only contacted when the organization wants money and never are told who or how their money helps. Whether you want to thank an individual VIP donor or your entire donor base, Wessel Creative can help you tell your story and show appreciation via a variety of creative projects.

Donor Impact Reports

All donors should be told how their gift(s) are helping the organization and its mission. For your biggest donors— including your corporate donors—an impact report is an excellent opportunity to dive deeper into the details of the game-changing gift(s) the donor has made. What have they given? Where has the money gone? Your donors want to hear from those who their gifts have benefited over the years, so let’s tell their stories. With a gallery of impact reports to its name, Wessel Creative can guide and build custom reports for each donor - such as your top 25 donors - and show the appreciation you have for their incredible generosity.

Video Impact Cards

Similar to impact reports, but with a screen in the middle of this piece, video impact cards are a great way to say thanks and add a special touch through an engaging story. Craft a video that tugs at your donors’ heart strings and show how they have made a difference to your organization.

Endowment Reports

Endowment reports are a great way to show a donors their direct impact each year. But just because there is financial information doesn't mean it can't inspire. A strong endowment suite provides not only the numbers, but talks about the impact, the people, the difference they are making.

If you are looking for a digital solution to securely deliver your endowment reports online, make sure to check out ODDER (On Demand Digital Endowment Reports). Wessel Creative has designed a number of endowment suites with ODDER, so just request to work with us.

Odder Digital Endowments

Due to the confidential nature of donor relations materials, many of the below videos and materials have had personal information removed and/or censored to protect the identity of individual donors.

Donor impact reportDonor impact reportDonor impact reportDonor impact reportDonor impact reportEndowment suiteAlumni volunteer manual
Donor video impact card

Lynne Wester

Founder and Principal

Donor Relations Guru

I have worked with Tyler for several years. He is an amazing creative force and helps transform the look and feel of the organizations he helps. His vision for the experience of consuming communications is thoughtful and intentional.

I refer all of my donor relations clients to him —they love him—and I work with him for all of my campaigns. He understands the world of donor relations and alumni affairs and knows how to really impress your donors and alumni. I cannot recommend Tyler enough. He really is a specialist in our field and understands our work and has a strong passion for making communications soar.