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Your Life, Our Purpose

The Campaign for the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
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Prescribing Solutions


In 2014, the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) entered the silent phase of it’s first-ever capital campaign, The Campaign for Your Life, Our Purpose. The three campaign priorities were Research, Education & Scholarships, and Patient Care & Community Impact. The goal was to raise $100 million by the end of 2019, the School of Medicine's 50th anniversary.


Tone and Art Direction
Campaign Identity System
Case for Support
Microsite Design
Marketing and Event Collateral


In December 2019, the university announced the campaign had surpassed its goal of $100m with more than $102.5m raised by its desired end date.

Texas Tech medical students

A Vital sign of Success

The Challenge

The biggest challenge with this identity was needing to incorporate several of TTUHSC’s established marks: the popular Texas Tech "double-T" logo, the TTUHSC name, and the already established marketing slogan of "Your Life, Our Purpose," which also had it's own logo with multiple fonts.

Campaign Logo

The best solution was to keep things simple. The heart rate pulse is a universally recognized symbol of life and vitality. The simple, sleek, red mark stands out against both black or white and made any design instantly recognizable as a campaign piece. Most importantly, it did not clash or detract the already established marks.

Supporting design

The school had consistently used a hexagon shapes into its day-to-day designs, so we created a black hexagon pattern to really make the red pulse stand out.

Texas Tech campaign logo fullTTUHSC campaign creed; stylized text
TTUHSC unused concept


TTUHSC wanted a unique case for support that would stand out, so we designed a square piece that unfolds in multiple directions and having a pocket the provide a collection of rack cards based on the specific donor. We also provided stationery and a number of event materials for the event kick-off.

Front of case for support folderOpened case for support folder
TTUHSC Rack Card - Preparing tomorrow's scientists at the cellular levelTTUHSC Rack Card - Prescribing what worksTTUHSC Rack Card - Without you we wouldn't be here in the "first place"TTUHSC Rack Card - Serving patients here, there, and everywhereTTUHSC Rack Card - Coated with CareTTUHSC Rack Card - Beyond needlesTTUHSC Rack Card - Because "nursing" and "shortage" don't belong in the same sentenceTTUHSC Rack Card - Creating New Knowledge
Texas Tech campaign stationeryTexas Tech press conferenceTexas Tech campaign menu cardTexas Tech retractable banners
Texas Tech resident


The home page should be an elevator pitch for visitors to dive deeper. In this case, our hero image is quite literally looking into a microscope to look closer. The direction of her gaze—looking directly towards the call-to-action buttons—to learn more. As you scroll, we further incorporate the campaign pulse icon to visually depict the campaign progress. We also provided an interactive map of the state that shows the vastness of the university and its reach.

student holding rock with campaign logo painted on it

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